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Stone Veneer

If you have an old fire place, hot tub, or any other masonry surface putting a natural or cultured stone veneer over it can give your room or wall a new look. If the hard masonry surface doesn’t yet exist virtually any surface can be adapted to allow for veneers to be attached.

What Are Stone Veneers

Stone veneers are made from either a natural stone or a concrete poured into rubber molds formed from real rock called cultured stone. Veneers can be added over an existing fire place chimney or any other masonry surface. If  that masonry surface isn’t there it can be created to allow for the veneer to be attached. Whether its  natural stone or cultured stone the materials are cut or made to a consistent thickness and weight. By installing a veneer over an existing surface you can really give a room or older surface a fresh new look.

Benefits of Stone Veneers

Veneer is typically less expensive than full stone and is lighter allowing for different installation practices. Veneers can be installed over poured concrete walls or block walls hiding the concrete and giving the surface a nice natural stone look. There are many advantages to both natural stone and cultured stone so whatever you choose you can’t go wrong.

The Precision Advantage

When you hire Precision for your hardscape project, you’ll not only reap the benefits of our years of experience with both natural stone and stone veneer, but also our full support as a partner in your project. We answer all your questions, work with you to find the optimal veneer selection for your budget and taste, inform you about relevant permits and fees and even obtain them for you. Our experienced crews then get to work, expertly crafting your new hardscape while minimizing the disturbances to your everyday life and treating your home and yard as if it were their own. With Precision, you’ll never have to wonder if the job will get done correctly or in a timely manner or if your yard will be left in disarray. We pick up everything we can at the end of every day and leave your home looking spotless when the job is done.

Why do we do all this? Because we believe that precision isn’t just a name – its’ a way of life.

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