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Do you know what you want to achieve with your landscaping, but are not quite sure how to achieve it? Do you have an outdoor space that you don’t know what to do with? Are you overwhelmed by the millions of designs on Pinterest, none of which are quite what you are looking for? Our experienced landscape designer ‘s at Precision can take the roughest vision and transform it into an elegant design that’s perfect for your home.

Initial Consultation

Your first meeting with your landscape designer will allow you to share everything that you want to achieve. This may be a detailed plan for specific landscape features or something as broad as a wish to be able to host neighborhood parties or have a backyard oasis where you can escape to relax. Our designer will take note of all your ideas and end goals so they can inform your designs.


Site Mapping & Analysis

Because your new landscape design will need to take into consideration the size of your yard and any existing structures or features you’d like to keep, the next step will be for us to map your lot. A team from Precision will come to your home and take careful measurements and pictures, transforming it into a rough drawing that shows your home, property lines, existing landscaping features, and more.

In addition to physically analyzing your yard, our experts will also evaluate things such as soil type, drainage, light quality, views, property use, and existing plant life. All these things will help the designer determine the best way to optimize your space.

Rough Draft Design

Armed with the site map, a comprehensive understanding of your wishes, and a knowledge of your yard, our designer will create several possible design concepts for you to review. All of our designs revolve around custom hardscapes that fit your yards shape and color pallet and fit perfectly into your entertainment needs.

Final Design

After we receive your input on our rough draft designs, our designer will create a final 3D image of your complete design, incorporating all your feedback. We will then put it before you for your final approval. Remember – we’re not happy unless you’re happy and we work hard to make sure our designs always meet or exceed your highest expectations!

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