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Excavation Services

Precision Landscape & Excavation is a certified contractor for septic system installation and erosion control along Maine’s shoreline. Our experienced team will work with you from start to finish on any of a number of projects that require heavy digging equipment or soil movement.

Septic Systems

Septic systems are often more efficient and cost-effective than sewer systems in parts of Southern Maine. If you’re building a new home, making major renovations, or need your system removed or replaced, we can safely excavate your site and do an complete installation or removal.


Before a foundation can be laid for a new home, the lot must be cleared of all sod, bushes, trees, and rocks, be compacted for stability, and the hole for the foundation dug to exacting standards. Precision’s excavators can prepare any residential or commercial lot for incoming construction workers.


Erosion can be a big challenge, particularly along the shoreline where heavy rains and sloping yards can wash away the soil, leaving your yard depleted and changing the contours of your lot. Precision can help reduce erosion by creating drainage channels that will safely and effectively remove excess water while preventing or slowing the removal of sediment. This often requires the excavation of your lot in order to reshape its contours and cause water to flow in the right direction.

Lawn Installation

Before new sod can be installed, the old lawn needs to be removed and lot graded to ensure proper drainage. Precision’s teams are available for large or small jobs on residential or commercial lots to prepare the ground for the arrival of new grass.

Lot Clearing

Whether you’ve inherited a lot that’s overgrown or need old landscaping torn out to make way for the new, our team at Precision can clear your lot of all trees, bushes, plants, and even old hardscapes and architectural features. Let us prepare your ground for something better with our experienced clearing crews.

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